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This year is the thirteenth year of the project, and the sale will take place on the 16th of August at the Humboldt County Fair in Ferndale, CA. The sale will begin at approximately 11:30 am in the Van Duzer Judging Arena.

CAE Testing Date: Friday, May 31st, 2014 at 4pm: All project animals must be tested on this date, follow-up testing will only be done if positive test results are received. you can have someone else bring your doe but you need reg papers and does need to be tattooed prior to the CAE Testing

Potluck, & Lot Draw and Parade of Sale does will take place on Saturday, June 1, 2014:
immediately following the conclusion of the Gairy Goat Show Approximately 7pm.

Important!!! Make sure to read these!!!!!!!!

1. NEW!!! Each youth may enter up to 2 (two) does with the understanding that only one doe will sell. The final declaration as to which doe will sell must be made at the CAE testing clinic.

2. NEW!!! Project information form, project agreement form, sellers agreement/bill of sale form, and a copy of the registration papers or registration application must be mailed to Humboldt Dairy Doe Replacement Project, Attention Rachel Conway, PO Box 93, Ferndale CA 95536 and must be post marked by April 30th. Forms will be accepted up until the CAE testing date with a $25.00 late fee. Does without the above items will not sell.

3. CAE testing must be done through the committee’s official testing clinic. There will be 1 testing clinic date provided, does must be tested at this clinic in order to sell. Youth must make arrangements to get their doelings to the testing site. All CAE tests will be sent to Washington State University, by the Ferndale Veterinary Office and test results will be sent to the committee. If any follow-up testing need be done, it will be done through the committee at the Ferndale Veterinary office, and a negative test result must be received prior to Junior Livestock check in day. No does will be accepted in to the sale pens without a negative test result.

4. Doelings must be by an ADGA Recognized Star or Plus buck or out of an ADGA recognized Star dam.

5. Each Exhibitor may sell only one dairy doe. Selling this animal will not affect status in the Junior Livestock Auction.

6. Be Sure to Look at our Educational Contest!!!!! Each winner receives $50 cash!!!

This 4-H and FFA Junior Dairy Doe Replacement Project was started in 2002, and has been patterned after the Humboldt County Dairy Heifer Replacement Project. The purpose of this project was to enable members to raise quality dairy does and promote the dairy goat industry in our area. Many of the does in this sale would not be offered for sale except for the purpose of helping youth members learn about raising dairy does.

      When the members buy these does, they sign an agreement to properly raise, care for, and sell the doe at this sale. In addition, the members are encouraged to campaign these does on the dairy goat show circuit to create more exposure for this project and the sale. The sale feature of this project allows members who have no facilities for milking does to raise the dairy doe. It also insures the cooperating breeders and dairies have a chance to buy back their top animals.

       This is an excellent opportunity for dairies and breeders with show strings to add top quality does to their herds, and youth members to learn more about the dairy goat industry.

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